I just love a comfortable t-shirt. I also love a great cause and that is what these t-shirts were created for! We are spreading the word about our organization and raising funds for the Jordon Barker Foundation, Inc., our 501-C3 charitable foundation created to help those in crisis due to the loss of a loved one. On the days that are difficult for me with grief, I snuggle up in my comfort clothes and wrap myself in my prayer shawl and head to my sanctuary for some moments of peace, rest, and to connect with my Higher Power, God.

A few years into my loss, I found myself living near a wonderful childhood friend who had also experienced grief early in childhood when she lost her father suddenly at the age of 6. She had transformed her life using $56 for supplies and created an amazing, award-winning company selling hand-made toy bows and arrows for children, as her mission was to get kids back to the outdoors. Her energy and her eye for creative new ideas was amazing. It was during this time that I realized I was building a brand for Grief Anonymous and that I needed many avenues to get our message about Grief Anonymous out into the world. I realized I had the perfect partner to help me--someone who also understood grief like I did who was also successful in the retail world.

There is very little out in the retail world that is focused on grief, thus began my partnership with my dear friend Elisha Duncan with Two Bros Bows, LLC. The idea was born to offer high quality comfort items for grieving people and what better way to start off than to offer a quality t-shirt with our logo on it and the 10 Tenets of Grief Anonymous on the back. My mission with our small online retail shop is to spread the word about Grief Anonymous and to offer some comfort items at the same time. We will be adding many more items as we progress forward with Grief Anonymous. On top of that, a large portion of the proceeds will be given to our foundation, the Jordon Barker Foundation, Inc. that has been established to give donations to 501(C)(3) charities that are created for the purposes of helping those in crisis due to the loss of a loved one. All warm-fuzzy intent aside, the truth is I have lived in these t-shirts for many months and I can tell you they are super comfortable. They are made from quality material, and they fit well and wash well. We only provide the best for you and at a very reasonable price! Look for more items coming soon.

As always, Grief Anonymous is free to join for all people experiencing the loss of a loved one and always will be.

Forever forward,
Holly C. Barker
Founder of Grief Anonymous